Search and Rescue Dogs Association (Southern Scotland)

 It is a great pleasure to have the support and sponsorship for our dog teams from the Dog Food company OSCAR.

OSCAR have very kindly continued their sponsorship of National SARDA Dog Teams throughout the UK. This support is gratefully received and all our handlers have experienced attentive and helpful staff from OSCAR.


Eukanuba Logo
SARDA (Southern Scotland) is grateful for the support of Iams and Eukanuba, who provided dog food for all the graded and trainee dogs in the association since 2005.

The firm provided our search dogs with Dog Food during this time which has been a fantastic contribution to our organisation. It provided the dogs with sustenance and energy to work the hillsides and open rural spaces of Scotland in search for missing and vulnerable people.

Our Association would like to thank Eukanuba for all of their support and help over the past years.

To find out more about Eukanuba dog food visit their website


Roffwear LogoSARDA (Southern Scotland) is grateful for support from Ruffwear who now provide Lighted Search Coats, Collars, Leads and Collapsible dog bowls for all the dogs in the Association. Visit Ruffwear's website for more information about their products.
Ruffwear is a member of the Accapi Group of organisations which produce a wide variety of dog products. See the following websites ; and                    Accapi Group

Muddy Paws                       

SARDA (Southern Scotland) would also like to thank the generosity of the team at Muddy Paws in association with Hurtta for very generously supplying each of our dog teams with the fantastic Hurtta Winter Coats                                                                                   .

The Hunters Lodge Hotel, Gretna

Hunters Lodge Hotel Cheque Handover to SARDA
Garry Dodd, owner of the Hunters Lodge Hotel in Gretna, ran the Great North Run in 2006 and raised over £700 to assist SARDA Southern Scotland. Everyone in the Association would like to thank Garry for every step he took in raising the money for SARDA. The picture a Cheque being delivered by Garry to James Coles and Paul Rogerson with Corrie & Meg looking on.

Garry didn't stop there and in October 2007 he continued his support of SARDA by running the entire length of Hadrians Wall.

Garry took the roads once again on 17th October 2010 when he tackled the KEILDER MARATHON where he raised £ 235 on behalf of SARDA (Southern Scotland).

Over the past 5 years Garry has raised around £ 2000.00 for our Association.

A fundraising page has been set up by Garry with our partners at JustGiving for his latest efforts.

 new JustGiving logo

We are all extremely grateful and appreciative of Garry's hard work and support in his endeavours all on behalf of SARDA (Southern Scotland). Please show your support also and donate through our partners at JustGiving.